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The frazzled mother ~ Gentle Giraffe to the rescue!

No one can really understand what sleep deprivation is until they become a mother. New borns sleep most of the time waking up regularly only to feed, giving a new mother some amount of sleep. But as your baby grows, sleep eludes you. People talk about getting your baby to follow a schedule, but is that really possible?
As a first time mother, I was suddenly thrown into a world of chaos. Is this the hunger cry, or the wet diaper cry, or a sleepy cry? It took weeks to finally understand what our son was trying to tell us. What did I do to help me understand? I read. Read books, articles, blogs, forums....anything that would make life a little easy for us and more comfortable for our baby.
The womb is a safe and secure place for the baby, but also a very noisy place. The baby is used to hearing the mother's heartbeat, the blood rushing through the vessels, the hunger growls of the mother's stomach. One research claimed the womb can be as noisy as using a vacuum cleaner. After birth our natural instinct is to make the baby as comfortable as possible by providing a nice quite place to sleep. But research shows that babies sleep better if there is some "white noise". The soothing sounds of the ocean, fan, vacuum cleaner, mother's heart beat provide a sense of security.
Based on this theory and armed with the "Gentle Giraffe by Cloud B"(a very thoughtful gift that I am ever so grateful for), we would put our newborn to sleep hearing one of the four recorded sounds. He definitely slept better and the sleep timer would automatically turn off the sound at the preset time. My son's favorite as a newborn was the "Mothers Heartbeat". He now enjoys the "Victoria Falls" and loves playing with his giraffe soft toy.

A concept new to Indian mothers, this plush toy is now available in India at


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