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Daddy's Little Girl

Dear Daddy,
I may find a prince someday,
But you will always be my King.

Every daughter is her daddy's little princess and all that a father would want is for her to be happy. I came across a beautiful children's book by Peter Wilson. By the time I finished reading it, I had tears in my eyes as did most of the readers who read the book.

The book is officially available to view online on youtube and can be viewed at -

This book has been shared online before and here I share it with you all in it's entirety.

Daddy’s Little Girl by Peter Wilson

A father looked on at his new baby girl, With only the nursery window between her and the world. There were sweet baby girls and cute baby boys, With each little one making cute baby noise. The babies were wrapped up in pink and blue – Each one snug, like a baby kangaroo!

As cute as they were to the brand new father, He could not take his eyes off his lovely new daughter! And he watched as she cried and cried again, And he smiled and sighed and said right then,

“It’s alright, it’s okay.
Save your tears for another day.
Things may change in this big, crazy world,
But you’ll always be Daddy’s little girl.”

The father closed his eyes – and big surprise! His sweet little baby had become a little lady! She had long pigtails and a pretty pink dress, And danced all around like a tiny princess. She’d dress up, have tea parties, and play with her dolls. And sometimes she’d even draw on the walls!

But sometimes she’d cry when she didn’t get her way, And that’s when her daddy would smile at her and say,

“It’s alright, it’s okay.
Save your tears for another day.
Things may change in this big, crazy world,
But you’ll always be Daddy’s little girl.”

The father turned his back, for seconds it seemed… And his tiny princess had grown into a teen! She had strange colors in her hair, make-up on her face, Loud music in her room and clothes all over the place! She’d spend hours on the phone, talking to her friends, And soon her daddy learned those friends were young men!

One day a young man rang the doorbell quite late, And asked the father to allow his daughter out for a date. The father said “Yes,” though he did hesitate. It’s up to her, he thought, to learn about heartbreak.

And sure enough she returned that night with tears in her eyes. Her daddy hugged her, kissed her head and whispered with a sigh,

“It’s alright, it’s okay.
Save your tears for another day.
Things may change in this big, crazy world,
But you’ll always be Daddy’s little girl.”

The father rose one day to find his teenaged girl, Was now a woman, moving out, and giving college a whirl. Her bags were packed from floor to ceiling – jeans, shirts and belts. She was strong, independent, ready to take on the world – without her daddy’s help.

But when she said goodbye, he could see it in her eyes. She looked at him, hugged him tightly and slowly began to cry. She said, “I’ll miss you Daddy, I’ll see you in December.” He replied, “I’ll miss you too, but please remember…

“It’s alright, it’s okay.
Save your tears for another day.
Things may change in this big, crazy world,
But you’ll always be Daddy’s little girl.”

The father went to work each day and long before he knew it, His baby girl was all grown up with a diamond ring to prove it! Her wedding day approached, it was just a few more days, And the father knew it wasn’t long before he’d give his daughter away.

And when the day arrived at last to walk her down that aisle, The father took some time alone and remembered for a while…

The baby girl in her crib surround by her toys… The little princess who danced around and made lots of noise… The messy teenaged girl who spent hours on the phone… And the brave, young woman who cried when she left home.

Oh my, how time flies! the aging father thought, It seems like only yesterday when she was just a tot.

The time had come and gone so fast, with just a blink of an eye. He hugged his daughter tightly and tried hard not to cry. Then he walked her down that aisle on that special day, And when he felt his eyes well up, he heard his daughter say,

“It’s alright, it’s okay.
Save your tears for another day.
Things may change in this big, crazy world,
But I will always be Daddy’s little girl.”


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