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Hours of creative fun with Playfoam

Messy hands, sticky hair, permanent hand prints on walls and stained carpets is every mother's nightmare! But with children at home can we expect anything else? 
Yes I say! We can definitely try to minimize the mess but not at the expense of the fun!
As a child we have all spent hour after hour imagining, creating and playing with clay. In our days we played with plain old clay that came in the form of different coloured bars in a box. Then came Playdoh! Oh all the things that could be created with the Paydoh sets. And now there's Playfoam. 

When I found out about Playfoam, and what they claimed was mess free clay, I wondered if it could really be true. How can a child play with something like clay without being messy?! But Playfoam is just that. Available in various colours in sparkle and plain variants, Playfoam is non toxic, non allergenic (no gluten, no proteins, no organic materials) and mess free. Playfoam is made up of lots of sticky foam balls, sticky enough to mold the foam into shapes, but not sticky enough to stick to skin,hair or anything else. Unlike other sand or dough based products, when you combine the colours, you are left with a really lovely mix of colours rather than everything turning into a grungy brown colour. Easy to mold, Playfoam is great for sensory play and fine motor skill development and is very therapeutic.

It provides hours of creative fun with its light weight, colourful foam sculpting material. The foam beads don't separate out, crumble nor does it dry out. So it can be reused over and over again. As claimed by the company "you can squish it, save it.....or smoosh it and start all over again." Overall, I think that Playfoam is a really amazing product to encourage children (and their parents) to enjoy some relaxing, mess free, creative play.
Playfoam is available exclusively at Angel in a crib


  1. Now this is an interesting product I did not know about. Must try it with my daughter. She loves playdoh, but I usually give her some chapati dough to play with since I'm worried about her putting them in mouth.

  2. Looks like fun! Thank you for the review, will try it.


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