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Happy Birthday Baby Girl - #100happydays - Day 83

As you turn 3 today and officially enter the league of the threenagers, I can't help but reminisce  the time when I held you in my arms for the first time. I remember being scared out of my wits seeing how tiny you were, I still feel our kangaroo care hugs and still relive the long sleepless nights without you. But you have been a fighter, then and again, and in your own little carefree way have completed our family.

On your special day today, I'd like to share a beautiful verse I read which describes perfectly how I feel.

To my Second Child
You are not my first that much is true. I loved another before loving you.  I'm a different mother this time around, more calm and confident I have found. With your brother everything was new, I was focussed on his every move. Each tiny smile was photographed, I changed my ringtone to his laugh. Since you came, there's a dimension. Two children now want my attention. And sometimes you're left in your chair, whilst I play with your bro…

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