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Shhh....Don't Tell the Kids - The Tooth Fairy Story

Losing a baby tooth and getting an adult one in its place is a milestone celebrated by children and parents all around the world. We are getting to that point with the older one soon turning 6 and waiting for his baby teeth to start falling off and trying to catch the tooth fairy in action when she visits him (yes we still believe in her, though with some doubts). There are notes being compared everyday about kids in school who have started losing their teeth already. Oh the excitement! It's so much fun being a kid!

According to tooth fairy lore, when a child loses a baby tooth, he should place it under his pillow when he goes to bed that night. While he sleeps, the tooth fairy comes to collect it and leaves money or a small gift in exchange. The legend of the Tooth Fairy started to spread in America in connection with the modern living culture – in the old days, people used to throw their lost teeth on the furnace, but in new houses without furnaces it was no longer possible.


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