Becoming my Mother

As an only child, I think I've always had a particularly close relationship with my mom. We didn't have the heated battles that a lot of moms and daughters went through. I didn't sneak out or tell her I hated her. But that didn't save me from the typical "God you don't understand!" moments that most teenage girls experience. When I was in school, my mother's advice was seldom right. It didn't matter what she was saying to me, she couldn't possibly know the answer to my teenage plight. I couldn't fathom why she would not sleep until i got back home and got into bed (and she still does not sleep until I am back home). Yet now that I'm 32 and married with a baby, things have changed. I've realized I'm becoming my mom, and I wouldn't have it any other way. 

From body language to expressions, I'll say or do something and wonder why it feels familiar. Then I realize it comes directly from her.From the jokes we find funny to the way we love getting rid of clutter, we've got a lot in common. The other day someone took a picture of us together, and I'd realized that we've even started to look more alike. Times have definitely changed. Before I would hear my mom's advice and do the opposite, now I'm realizing that there is truth behind her words.  As you become older, your mom isn't just that person nagging you to finish this task or stay away from this person, she's an advisor, a friend, and someone who understands you completely. 

Though in many ways I still feel like the same kid I was in college, zipping around all the time and questioning whether I'm making the right decisions, I also feel proud that I've come to appreciate my mom fully. Once I was able to stop rolling my eyes for long enough to listen to her, I was able to enjoy the experiences, humor, and perspective that she has to share. Plus, who else can you call and tell that you don't know how to work a manual can opener? Only a mother can give you a "how to" on that without passing judgement. While we may have different tastes in a lot of things, it's clear that I am definitely becoming my mother's daughter.


  1. Lovely read!
    Its so very true...These days I strongly believe the fact that by the time we realize our mother is right, our daughters think we are wrong ;-)

    Btw, we are both in First Moms Club and you can follow me here...


  2. That's so sweet!! It's after I became a parent that I realized how similar I am to my Mom, I even yell at my son the same way she yelled at me :-)

  3. Cute piece! Your mom is blessed to have you for a daughter. :-)


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