And Baby makes three

I had know you're in love when a reasonably comfortable pregnancy. After a terrible and depressing first trimester the second one was a breeze. My appetite was back with such a bang that my ability to gobble down three fully loaded sandwiches at a go had poor mom in a dilemma. On one hand I was finaly eating after weeks but the rate at I was going and gaining weight would make anyone worry. But we realised that this too was just another phase.
I read a lot of books, articles, blogs etc to prepare myself for mommyhood. Yes most of them have been helpful but ive come to realise that every situation is unique, every child is different and every parent learns. You do your trails on the first child, are pretty confident with the second and a complete pro with the third.
One thing I expected was to fall completely and utterly in love at the first site of my baby. Did it happen....NO....was I upset.....NO as I was too groggy after a major surgery, my hormones were raging making me feel like I had the mother of all PMSes and I was lost. Lost as to what to do next! Breastfeeding was a task, not at all as easy as they make it sound. I wish I was prepared mentally to expect it to be a toughie.
But did I eventually fall in love with my little guy. Oh YES I did. Head over heels. We took our time to get to know each other. Hour after hour at night would be my time alone with my little baby.  And little by little he stole my heart. And 11 months later he still makes me fall in love with him a little bit more each day.

You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep,
Because reality is finally better than your dreams.


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