Dr Seuss themed 1st Birthday!

It seems like yesterday that we brought our son Ronav home from the hospital, but a year has just flown by and all that we are left with are memories and lots of photos!
Since my husband and I are huge Dr Seuss fans, we decided to throw Ronav a themed birthday party to satisfy the child within us. The planning and execution took 2 months of burning the midnight oil as that was the only time we would get after putting Ronav to bed. All the decorations were hand made by us, only the balloons were outsourced. Here's how we did it.

The Invitations: 
Were sent via what's app and email 3 weeks before the party and was created on photoshop.

Were sent out 4 days before the party to get a better idea of the RSVPs. 

Thing 1 :
Ronav was Thing 1. We customized a T-shirt for him which read "Thing 1".

Mom & Dad of Thing 1 :
Mommy and Daddy got customized T-shirts too. They read "Mom of Thing 1" and "Dad of Thing 1".

Birthday Month Banner: 
We took a picture of Ronav for his monthly birthdays and eventually planned to frame all the pictures. But for his birthday we made a banner. 

A close up of the banner

The Birthday Banner : 
Was made using the Dr Seuss books.

 A close up of the banner

Other decorative banners : 

Welcome Sign : 
Was put at the entrance of our house.

The Cat in the Hat :
Made this 5 foot tall Cat in the Hat out of cardboard. 

Happy Birthday Book : 
We bought a hardbound Dr Seuss Birthday book and had all the guests write messages for Ronav. 

Candies in the Jar game: 
One of the party games in which guests had to guess how many candies are there in the jar. The one closest to the correct answer would get to take the jar home.

Pin the Hat on the Cat game :
A game in which guests were blindfolded and had to pin the hat on the cat.

Photo props :
We made these photo props of the Dr Seuss Cat in the Hat characters. Kids had a great time taking photos using them.


Toothbrushes for Guests:
Being a Dentist, I thought this would be fun, a kind of party favor to take home. Based on Dr Seuss's Tooth Book.

The Birthday Cake : 
Was made by Love Sugar Dough. They did a fantastic job in making the exact replica of what we described to them. The cake was chocolate in flavour. Not only did the cake look great, it tasted absolutely yummy too. The cake was placed on a cupcake stand and we had 40 - 50 mini red velvet cupcakes below the cake.


Cat in the Hat Party Hats : 
We handmade these hats for our party guests. It was an instant hit.


Thing 1 and Thing 2 cut out : 
All the party guests, right from the babies to the grand parents, posed as Thing 1 and Thing 2. Here is the birthday boy who got the first chance at a photo opportunity.

Centerpiece :
Using the Invitation that was sent out to everyone we created a centrepiece.

Food :
The menu for the party was Lorax's baked dish, Hop on Pop Chips, Birthday Cake from Katroo, Thing 1 & Thing 2 Cupcakes, Red & Blue Drinks by Fox in Socks, Mr Brown's special Hummus & Pita Bread, Horton's Puffs, Sandwich from Cat in the Hat and Yertle's Ice cream.

Party Favour Bags: 
We did not get ready made bags of the colour we wanted so we made our own party favour bags! It took 3 days but was so worth it!

Thank You Note:
All the Party favour bags carried a Thank You note to all our guests. Again the note was designed on photoshop, printed and stuck on a background.

Party Favours:
All the children were given age appropriate books. The adults were given Cupcakes boxes and/or Cake Jars made by Love Sugar Dough.

The Party Area :
This is what the living room looked like after all the decorations.

Family Portrait:
Here's our little family.


  1. OH MY GOD Pooji Di!! That looks like SO much work! All looks fabulous! You guys really did burn a lot of midnight oil!
    Everything looks so perfectly done and finished!

  2. Nice n very creative.. M sure ur son wud love to see this when he grows up..

  3. Kudos to the awesome Mom and Dad... Was fun being part of it all..
    Lots of love...

  4. Fabulously done, girl! Loved it!

  5. Lovely post! Truly appreciate your patience, creativity and efforts behind putting up a great show!

  6. Thank you all....was a lot of fun doing it!

  7. OMG
    Lot of love and hard work went in to this. I loved each and every thing u did
    spclly that thing 1 tees and alll

  8. Greatttt pooja...am gonna bookmark this for future reference. I mean who take all theses pains nowadays..Hiring a party planner is far easy. Kudos to you n ur better half. The entire pics n decor looks smashing. Superlike!!
    BTW Happy first Bday to your lil bundle of joy......


  9. My goodness!! That is so much effort and you both are so very creative!! Wonderful ideas!!

  10. Oh goodness, that is a lot of hard work and planning

    1. It sure was Ritu....but a lot of fun nonetheless

  11. Fabulous idea - and I'm sure the effort was so worth it! You might get party organizing 'orders' soon! Lovely pictures.

    1. Thanx Corinne for the kind words and encouragement!

  12. Amazing, Pooja! I'm a big fan of creative home birthday parties, and this just reinforced my faith. You guys did a fabulous job of imagining and executing - and then documenting it. Must have taken loads of time, but all that is happy time, I'm sure! Great work, and thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you Sapna. It took us about 2 months of planning and execution but as you said they were happy times!
      Love to Sana

  13. Wow...this is seriously amazing...love all the details, it must hv took great effort but it all looks fabulous.

  14. Hey how/where did you print the big sized cut outs and hats ,etc. ? these look amazing !

    1. Hi, the big sized cutouts of the cat in the hat and thing 1 and thing 2 were hand drawn and painted by me on a hard board and then put on a wooden frame by my husband. The hats were also drawn and painted, then laminated.


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