Stop and smell the flowers

Being born and brought up in Bombay, I am truly used to the fast paced life that the city throws at you. Jet setting from one chore to another life has become all about getting the job done. As a Dentist, my day is driven by the clock from the minute I wake up until bedtime. Days filled with "to-do" lists that need to be checked off at the earliest.
My one year old son is super active,  already preferring physical activity to just sitting around. It's impossible to have him sit in one place for more than a few minutes. But despite the boundless energy, he likes to take his time to eat. Not that he's much of a foodie, he's one guy who likes to enjoy his meal, a total opposite of me, I eat a meal in less than 10 minutes. I have realised that trying to rush him won't work. It just leaves us both frustrated. I've learned to calm myself while feeding him. One day it almost felt like he was asking me 'mamma do I have to rush with my meal again?' Once I realised that, I learnt to be more patient. I learnt to follow his cue and offer a bite when he's ready, and not me. That's when I realised that my always on the move son taught me how to stop and smell the flowers.
Every now and then I forget that important lesson, but seeing him concentrate on the littlest of things, get excited by mundane activities and buzz around the house exploring reminds me to take a breath, smile and learn to relax.


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