Boys will be boys

When we had a baby boy last year, little did I know what was in store. With both my husband and I working, we depend mainly on my mum to look after our son (with help of course!). My mom comes from a large family and having lived in a joint family until she was married, has brought up a lot of family kids. She was super confident that managing my baby would be a breeze, but little did she know what she was getting into too!
Now I'm not complaining about my little cherub, but he can be quite a handful. And my poor mum having no experience in raising a boy, has experienced all her firsts along with us. She has now resorted to telling my husband that our son gets his naughtiness from him! It is another thing that my son has her wrapped around his little finger, and the doting "Nan" does everything he asks of her. I asked her at lunch yesterday, the difference between raising a child as a mother and as a grandma and she was quick to reply, "I worry about him much more, there were many other people to worry about you when you were little." Let me tell you that I am an only child and lived in a nuclear family with only parents, yes I did have a lot of older cousins and aunts who I met almost everyday. That is the love of a grandparent, something we are still to experience.

When I came across this article yesterday,  26 reasons kids are pretty much just tiny drunk adults, I didn't realize how many things would be true for us. We see something like that on a daily basis at home, except for the sleeping anywhere part. Unfortunately, our son gets his sleeping habits from me, he is an extremely light sleeper and will stay wide awake taking in new surroundings no matter how groggy he is and once back in the car or at home, he'll fall asleep before i can snap my fingers.

                                          They're obsessed with finding something to eat...

Just to give you an example from the link above, this is the latest obsession at home. My husband asks me every single day "why does he (our son) do this" for the various antics that he uses to entertain himself and the only answer I have is....."all kids do that."
He will believe me the next time I have to say the same thing, I have photographic proofs!

Some of the things our 17 month old does to entertain his audience while giving his mother mini heart attacks!

  1. Running into rooms alone and slamming doors shut while waiting for someone to find him.
  2. Standing on tippy toes and opening bathroom doors, only to trip inside.
  3. Running into the shower enclosure fully dressed, turning on the tap and screaming "nai nai" (bath).
  4. Opening the refrigerator and pointing to everything on the lower shelves, then climbing onto the higher shelves to point to everything up there.
  5. Opening and closing sliding windows, just for fun.
  6. Unlocking car doors while the car is in motion.
  7. Scribbling on any surface or a willing human being with any writing medium he can get his hands on.
  8. Biting instead of kissing when very excited. Yes we have bite marks all over us!
  9. Eating everything other than the food prepared for him.
  10. Relishing tea, coffee and various flavors of green tea on a daily basis (depends on what we are having).
  11. Running around the whole house without any clothes on, playing catch while we run behind him with a diaper to get him dressed.
  12. "Talking" to his cousin Aaron on the phone all day.
  13. Climbing up the stairs and ladders all day long.
  14. Shrieking for no apparent reason and then giving an angelic smile to try to make it all okay.
  15. Sweeping, dusting, watering plants!

The saying "Silence is golden.....unless you have a toddler. In that case, silence is very very suspicious!" is so true.


  1. You make some excellent points. Kids can keep us on our toes for sure. My almost 6 year old (Girl) does some masti - but my son is 3.5 and well... he even gets a look on his face when he does it!

    1. Amanda despite the masti and all the trouble they get themselves into, they remain the apple of our eyes :)


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