Humans of New York

One of the most memorable trips I've had with my husband was our second trip to the US in the winter of 2010. We were there for a month and brought in the new year in New York City. My sister in law lived in Manhattan at that point and when she asked us to spend some time with her, it was an offer too irresistible to turn down. So we took time off from our busy schedules, packed our bags and boarded the plane for JFK.

Every single day, we would bundle up and walk. And boy did we walk! We saw NYC the way it is meant to be seen, by foot! We did not do any of the touristy on this trip since we had covered it all on our previous trip the year before. We would walk from the 82nd street towards lower Manhattan covering 60 to 70 odd blocks every single day. We would walk down a different Avenue everyday, stop by for a pizza or coffee along the way and try to take as many sights and sounds as we could! And of course shop as much as we could!

Ice skating at Bryant Park, snow ball fight at Central Park, experiencing the highest snowfall of the season, bringing in new year 2011 on the streets of NYC, watching a broadway show, sipping hot chocolate, decorating my first real Christmas tree, enjoying the winter window decorations and Christmas songs playing in every store......this is one trip I would love to take all over again, this time with our son to let him experience the magic of NYC during Christmas! It is very difficult to describe in words just how beautiful NYC is during Christmas and now that is one thing I can cross off my bucket list.

HONY allows me to relive some of those lovely memories! Brandon has truly given a face to NYC by creating this blog. Such a pleasure to see all his portraits and more so the captions that go along with every one of them. I look forward to seeing a new face and what they have to say every single day!


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