APAD March # 16 - Something I made

Initially, for this photo prompt I was going to post a picture of a long stitch canvas that I had made a few years back, but since I'm traveling and will not get a chance to photograph the frame until tomorrow, I thought of posting a picture I had access to which has the frames in the background that have been made by me. Also the party hats and the 5 foot tall Cat in the Hat have been made by me. These were some of the preparations we did for our son's first Dr Seuss themed birthday. As for the frames, will take a picture soon and post it. It started with one canvas and I loved the way it looked after completing it so I made another. Have a few more that I need to do but haven't found time! It really is a very relaxing hobby if only I had more time!

This picture was taken on 23rd August 2013 at our son's first birthday at home.

As promised, after I got home last night, managed to take a picture of the long stitch frames that I had made. These are put up in our living room.