A to Z Challenge 2014 - Theme Reveal

I decided very late to participate in the A to Z Challenge this year. How late do you ask?.....Well I took the decision 30 minutes back while putting my son to bed. Why so late?.......When I first read about this challenge, I was struggling with my A Picture A Day challenge and did not see myself completing that challenge let alone take up another. But, I have completed month 1 of my APAD challenge and am looking forward to more months of picture prompts. Then late this evening I started reading the first A to Z challenge entries and thought I missed a chance this year, but on visiting their website I realised I had a few more hours to fill in the form and participate. So here I am, taking up a challenge to post every day in the month of April (except Sundays), alphabetically from A to Z. It's my first year and I am super excited.
Another question about the challenge was to follow a theme or write general posts. I decided to follow a theme close to heart and one I am very passionate about, Dental Health and Education.


  1. It's a challenge. I knew I was participating weeks ago, but I still don't have every letter lined up, and I'm not writing any of the material.

    Welcome to the challenge.

    Stopping by for the A to Z Challenge. We are highlighting amazing authors this month. Check us out HERE.


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