APAD April # 1 - Magic

I've heard most people describe Disney Land as a Magical place but didn't understand for a long time what the hype was all about. On our first US trip together in the summer of 2009, my husband, his sister and I decided to fly to Florida for a weekend and spend 2 days at Disney Land, a birthday gift to me. Now I have been to a lot of theme parks on my various trips abroad so was not expecting anything out of the ordinary. We spent the morning and early afternoon at Disney's water park called the Typhoon Lagoon and the evening at The Magic Kingdom. I am now glad that my sister in law insisted that I see the Magic Kingdom. We walked through the park soaking in the sights and sounds until sun set. We were then transported into a magical world of lights, fireworks and the best parade I will probably ever see. I am waiting to make another trip there with my son, to show him what Magic is all about.

This picture was taken on 18th July 2009 at The Magic Kingdom, Disney World, Orlando, Florida


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