APAD April # 26 - Toothbrush

Our son is obsessed with the toothbrush, no he isn't taking after his dentist mommy, he is teething. He has figured out a way to get to his toothbrush and spends hours chewing away.
I have now got this innovative new toothbrush for him to chew! Introducing the Baby QQ toothbrush. I came across this toothbrush at a Mom and Baby exhibition I attended earlier this month. It is made by a Taiwan based company called Intelligent. They claim it to be the only chewing toothbrush in the world. The toothbrush is made of a flexible silicone like material with a handle to put the finger through at one end and double sided bristles on the other. When the child bites onto the chewing surface, it cleans and massages the gums at the same time. It basically envelopes the teeth in both the upper and lower jaws while being chewed upon, cleaning at the same time while soothing.
I personally haven't used it to brush my son's teeth yet for the only reason that he at this time enjoys using it to soothe his aching gums, and I manage to brush his teeth using a regular brush while he gnaws in this one.


  1. Thanks for sharing these toothbrush Pooja. Actually, I am using Oral-B Professional Care Smart Series 5000 toothbrush and it's also working well.


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