J - Jaw Pain (A to Z Challenge April 2014)

Many adults suffer from chronic jaw and facial pain. The source of these aches and pains may be related to one or both Temporomandibular joints. Located on each side of the head, these joints work together, with a complex system of muscles, ligaments, discs and bones, to make different movements for chewing and speaking.


·         pain in or around the ear
·         tenderness of the jaw
·         limited ability to open the jaw wide
·         pain when biting
·         headaches and neck aches including migraine headaches
·         jaws that get stuck or lock in the open or close mouth position
·         tired feeling in the face
·         sensitive teeth
·         swelling on the side of the face
·         clicking sounds in the jaw while opening or closing


·         sinus problems
·         toothache
·         infections
·         arthritis
·         injury
·         tooth grinding
·         periodontal disease
·         problems with your jaw or the temporomandibular joint
·         stress


·         mouth protector or mouth guard
·         muscle relaxants
·         exercises
·         anti-inflammatory drugs
·         antibiotics
·         root canal therapy
·         periodontal treatment
·         extraction
·         practice relaxation techniques


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