Q - Quack (A to Z Challenge April 2014)

Street dentistry, a form of quackery, is in practice in the rural and remote places of India. These street dentists often visit villages on their bicycle with a bag consisting of some pliers, screwdrivers, dividers, self-acrylic materials, etc.For years, the Indian Government has waged an unsuccessful war against people such as 'unqualified medical practitioners' - otherwise known as quacks. Reports suggest that there are about one million unqualified providers, or 'quacks', in India. They have long been blamed for misdiagnosing and mistreating. Various factors attribute to this practice like - lack of qualified dentist in the rural areas, increase in the cost of professional dental treatments, illiteracy, lack of awareness, immediate treatment, availability, etc. Many of the quacks claim to have learnt the art of dentistry from their ancestors, but there are some quacks who are practicing dentistry after seeing a professional work in a dental clinic or who have learnt some basic procedures while working as assistants in dental office. The procedures carried out by these quacks are very undesirable, harmful, and sometimes dangerous to the patients.


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