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Love the doodling

My love for Zentangles continues. Completed my second one late last night and already onto the third!

Farewell Dr. Christina Yang

It was only this last weekend that I realised what the integral part of Grey's Anatomy was. To all Grey's fans this has been such an epic finale. The news was in months back that Sandra Oh was not going to return to Grey's for season 11. Once the news broke, there were speculations abound about how her character was going to be written off. Thankfully it wasn't the classic Shonda Rhimes style of killing the character, but in fact was a very nice way to let go of Dr. Christina Yang.

For someone who has followed every single episode for the last 10 years, I did not understand what the fuss was all about. Fine, one character less again the next season, but what did that have to do with the show. Well I found out. It was the most difficult season finale for me. It made me realise what Christina was to Grey's and that the whole show revolved mainly around her friendship with Meredith. It made me realise just how much I liked her, and that she was infact my favourite c…


I was introduced to Zentangles a few weeks back. While surfing through pinterest one night, a beautiful black and white design caught my eye. I loved the fact that it was just beautiful patterns thrown together, something like the doodles that could be found in my notebooks at school. The picture was pinned as "zentangle" and on further research this is what I learned :A Zentangle is an abstract, patterned drawing created according to the tenets of the Zentangle Method. Using the standard format of a 3.5-inch square title, the artist creates a structured pattern according to his or her whim following a basic set of guidelines. No technology, special materials, or educational background are necessary to become a Zentangle artist.Here are a few characteristics of a Zentangle:
The tile should not have an "up" or a "down" - it is without orientation.It should not be representative of any certain recognizable object; rather, it should be abstract.The drawing sh…

Build, Colour and Play with your Fantasies

What is it that helps children express themselves? Apart from language and emotions, studies have proven that kids also need creativity to express themselves. Arts, crafts, pretend play, building models, help them to work out their emotions, experiences and help them find their own solutions. Besides they also practice their fine motor skills.
We at Angel in a Crib are constantly working towards getting world class juvenile products into the Indian market. Our latest collection being Calafant Cardboard toys which children can build, paint / decorate and then play with. 
Turn play time into green time with these earth-friendly models. Made from recycled, sturdy cardboard, covered with smooth white paper, these models come ready to assemble and personalize. Decorate it with paint, markers, crayons or find materials around the house or outside. 

A great activity for birthday parties, preschools and daycare centers or to carry along on your travels. A thoughtful gift for a child in your life…

A to Z April 2014 Blogging Challenge - The Complete List

Phew! A month of marathon blogging for me. 2 posts everyday, one for my dental themed A to Z challenge and the other for the Photo a day challenge. Almost missed deadlines, extensive research, staying up late, stealing minutes in the bathroom to blog! Boy with a full time dental practice, a home, toddler and husband to take care of it was quite a challenge I took up and almost gave up a few times. But thankfully the OCD in me pushed me to go on and I am actually sad we have only 26 alphabets! Here is the list of the posts in the A to Z April 2014 blogging challenge.

A - Anxiety

B - Bruxism

C - Caries / Cavity

D - Diabetes and your oral health

E - Eating Disorders

F - Fluoride

G - Gingivitis

H - Halitosis

I - Implants

J - Jaw Pain

K - Knocked-Out Teeth

L - Lasers

M - Missing Teeth

N - Nitrous Oxide

O - Orthodontics

P - Pregnancy

Q - Quack

R - Root Canals

S - Sealants

T - Teething

U - Unerupted Teeth

V - Veneers

W - Whitening

X - Xerostomi