A to Z April 2014 Blogging Challenge - The Complete List

Phew! A month of marathon blogging for me. 2 posts everyday, one for my dental themed A to Z challenge and the other for the Photo a day challenge. Almost missed deadlines, extensive research, staying up late, stealing minutes in the bathroom to blog! Boy with a full time dental practice, a home, toddler and husband to take care of it was quite a challenge I took up and almost gave up a few times. But thankfully the OCD in me pushed me to go on and I am actually sad we have only 26 alphabets! Here is the list of the posts in the A to Z April 2014 blogging challenge.

A - Anxiety

B - Bruxism

C - Caries / Cavity

D - Diabetes and your oral health

E - Eating Disorders

F - Fluoride

G - Gingivitis

H - Halitosis

I - Implants

J - Jaw Pain

K - Knocked-Out Teeth

L - Lasers

M - Missing Teeth

N - Nitrous Oxide

O - Orthodontics

P - Pregnancy

Q - Quack

R - Root Canals

S - Sealants

T - Teething

U - Unerupted Teeth

V - Veneers

W - Whitening

X - Xerostomia

Y - Your Dentist and You

Z - Zirconia