Desert Rose

When the hubby suggested an overseas holiday with 2 preschoolers, I laughed at him until I had tears streaming down my face. Was he really serious? The 2 of us alone with the 2 of them for 8 long days. Maybe he had been working too long and too hard. Did he forget that our house looked like a hurricane had hit every weekend!

Maybe it was too early in the morning and he was sleep talking. A cup of coffee later, a picture of the many possible disastrous outcomes of this idea were painted but he stood his ground. Then like a typical Indian "Ma" I used the last resort I could, to change his mind....."what will I feed them there!?"

But as days went by, swayed by the phoren shopping promises and all that we could "see and do," I too was bitten by the travel bug and the deal was sealed. Tickets were booked and hotel reservations made. Only thing left now was the to pray to all the Indian Gods to help maintain my sanity.

All pandemonium broke loose 4 days before we were to fly out when the baby caught a nasty stomach bug. Luckily the vomiting was under control within 24 hours but how do you travel with a child who has the loosies?! Now the hubby asked "should we cancel?".........."NO!!!"

A day before departure, with all bags packed and lots of free space to bring back goodies, the Indian Ma was back again instructing the cook to make and pack 3 dozen theplas (God forbid if her kids starved). For all those who aren't aware of what a thepla is, it is one of the best Gujarati innovations ever. Looks like rotis but tastes better, stays ever so soft and fresh for days and can be reheated, can be eaten by itself or with any dal, sabzi or curd! A must have on all our trips with the kids.

So off we went with one baby on the road to making a full recovery and another soon to fall ill (little did we know). Finally we were at Dubai, A land of Dreams and Fantasies!

The first 3 days were a blur, we couldn't do much of what we planned with R so sick but luckily he bounced back really quick and we were back on track. The plan was to do at least one thing that the kids would enjoy everyday. So we covered the Abra ride, Aquarium at Dubai Mall, Ice Skating, Legoland, Legoland Waterpark, Fly Dubai, Tram Ride, Metro ride, JBR Walk, Splashpad, Marina Walk, Jumeirah Beach. We did leave out a few things that we originally planned to do, but along the trip we realised it was better to plan as per the kids and take each day as it comes. So though we had an itinerary which did help a lot, we moved things around from the original plan.

What this trip taught me was to have more confidence in myself. We managed tricky situations with the kids, their tantrums, sickness, food and everything else in between pretty calmly. And despite the bone numbing fatigue we did have a great time. Before the trip a lot of people asked me if I could manage with 2 kids, some actually said I had guts to try it at all. All I say to them today is, I would do it again in a heartbeat. I don't blame any individual for thinking like this, but our society as a whole. Today we are training ourselves to be dependent on others for everything and in the bargain losing confidence in ourselves. No doubt it takes a village to raise a kid, but all you need to do is give yourself a chance and you will see that it's easier than it seems.

In a way this trip helped us bond as a family. We did everything together, ate 4 meals together everyday (Yes I managed just fine), slept together on not such a king sized bed (despite having an extra bed), laughed, fought, learned from our mistakes and had a blast! With the busy lifestyles and crazy schedules we maintain today, a super exhausting but exhilarating trip is such a good break for all!

Looking to fulfil my wanderlust with many many more trips! 


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