Dinosaurs are the new Dolls

"Dadda....look Dinosaur....Aaaahhhhhhhaaaaahhh!!!!"

Our home is filled with squeals like this all day long. Screen time is dedicated to watching dinosaurs dancing, singing, teaching colours, numbers and alphabets (the things you can find on you tube!). Voice search is put to full use and "dinosaur videos" fill up the app history. Dancing to Dinosaur Stomp with Mother Goose Club and Dinosaur Song with Blippi is an obsession.

The Dinosaur pets are bathed, fed, tucked into bed. All other stuffed animals and family members are scared with threats that the dinosaur will eat them up.

Ah the joys of watching your 2 year old take HER dinosaur for a walk or a stroll in a doll stroller! Or better yet, insist that the big blue T Rex goes where ever she does! Even if it means her Dadda has to carry them both for a walk down the road.

On a trip to Build A Bear, where I hope she picks a "My Little Pony", my free spirited, strong willed 2 year old picks out a blue T-Rex, which has made a long trip back home with us and now occupies a permanent spot on her cot.


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