100 Happy Days

In 2014, a man called Dmitri Golubnichy set up a challenge for himself, to capture at least one little thing a day that made him happy and keep it up for 100 days in a row.
What started with an experiment to find his personal happiness, eventually impacted the lives of over 8 million people in 180 countries around the world who decided to follow his idea. Since then he has quit his job to form a non-profit foundation with the sole mission of helping people find ways to their happiness.

I came across this hashtag coincidentally on my instagram feed. Curious to know more, I googled up #100happydays and I landed on the 100 Happy Days official website! (Yes he actually has one!)

It's a pretty simple concept, which I personally feel is brilliant! Every day you need to take a picture of something that made you happy that day. It could be a book, meeting friends, eating your favourite cake.....cause this is 100 happy days for you. These pictures can be shared publicly with the hashtag #100happydays or can be emailed to the website privately or you can do this.

Does this mean I am unhappy.......not at all! But I think that life has caught up with us and we end up missing out on the little things that can make us happy in pursuit of larger things. There have been many instances in my everyday life that I know of, when I have not been able to give attention to some of the funniest or smartest things my kids say or do, only because I am running all day. Yes I am a cleanliness freak and border on some levels of OCD to the extent that a lot of people visiting our house cannot believe that 2 little kids live here too. The toys are usually back in place and things are in order, but where earlier I used to kill myself to achieve this, today I take a step back. Yes I do have a lot of help and also did earlier, but now I realise that when I am home I want to enjoy my kids and my family. I want to enjoy what may be little for me but momentous for them. That is Happiness for me. 

We all have something to be happy about and something to be grateful for. Lets use #100happydays to remind ourselves of that, every single day and send up a little note of gratitude for all the wonderful things that we have be blessed with, even though we can't see it yet. 

So pause a bit, look around, give the screen some rest and join me in my quest for happiness in the littlest of things, over the next 100 days or more. I would love to see your pictures too. Don't forget to use #100happydays !!


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