Happy Friendship Day - #100happydays - Day 74

In one of his famous works, "A Child's Christmas in Wales," poet Dylan Thomas wrote, “It snowed last year, too. I made a snowman and my brother knocked it down and I knocked my brother down and then we had tea.”

It is a perfect description of the complex relationship between siblings.
People and friends come in and out of our lives, but the bond we have with a sibling is like no other.
Siblings are your first friends and your last, here's why :
  • They are there for all your important life events : Those events form powerful memories attached to emotions, all of which your siblings are a part of. They're your first friend and your best friend.
  • They are the only ones allowed to annoy you or upset you : You bickered over who should get the front seat, what to watch on the television and what you wanted for dinner. They may have teased you or pestered you relentlessly – even to the point of making you cry. But the moment anyone else hurt you or made you cry, they were ready to turn up at that person's class or stake out their house. Siblings are fiercely protective and they will never let anyone get away with messing with you. 
  • They have your back, no matter what : Many psychologists have described how siblings serve as companions, confidants and role models in childhood and adolescence, and as sources of support throughout adulthood. Despite the ups and downs, you know that if you needed anything, they would be one of the few people who would go out of their way to help you. Even if you called them at midnight, they would be there.
  • They Knew You Before You Were ‘You’ : They knew you before you developed a psyche, and they’re very familiar with your life’s journey.
  • You Learn How to Fight…: Your first real “fight” was probably with your brother or sister, and even if it was about something trivial like whose turn it was next on the swing, those early altercations taught you a fundamental lesson: how to stand your own ground. Argument skills are underrated, and you can thank your siblings for yours.
  • ...And How to Make Up : When Mom and Dad decided to punish both of you for your shenanigans, suddenly, you were thrust on the same team of childhood unfairness. In those moments, even the most important fight probably didn’t feel nearly as important as how much you hated your parents’ rules, and your siblings were there to share in the misery of “time out” right along with you.
  • You Have a Lot in Common : Like it or not, you and your siblings are a lot more alike than you think. Sometimes, it takes an outside party to notice all your similarities, but once you do, it’ll be really hard to forget that you share so many mannerisms and values. You were raised by the same people, and there’s a good chance you share many of the same preferences.
  • You Were Subject to the Same Embarrassing Childhood Memories : And most of them are safely catalogued on video or cheap polaroids in your parents’ attic.
  • They Were ‘in the Trenches’ Right Along with You : Childhood is tough; no one can debate that. Your siblings might not have always been your biggest fans, but when you suffered, they probably did, too. Divorce, death of a loved one, childhood illness, and the heartache of a first relationship--your siblings experienced all of that with you.
May you two continue being best friends forever! Happy Friendship Day!

This is a part of MY #100happydays challenge - a way to remind myself to pause and find happiness in the little things in life and to live in the moment. To be grateful for all that I have, every single day. Hopefully you will join me in this journey of self discovery and find your own happiness along the way.


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