Ronav stands 1st in a poetry recitation competition - #100happydays - Day 73

Only after we cross the threshold of becoming parents, do we realise the truth in what our parents have been telling us all along. My mom used to always tell me, parents live their lives through their children, a concept I never could comprehend. 

Now that I am a mother of two, every single thing my mom has told me rings true. With Ronav being the first born, experiences with him are our firsts too. Now that he is in Grade 1, things are different at school. He is slowly understanding the concept of inter house competitions and other things that happen only in "big" schools. 

This week the kids had an inter house poetry recitation competition for the primary section and Ronav was keen to participate. So we pulled up a poem from the internet that he liked and he practiced hard to clear the elimination round and went on to win the finals.

When he got home the day of the competition, I asked him how it went, "I think I won Mamma." So he wasn't sure, he was happy but not excited. On further prodding all he told me was that the teacher said he was very good and that he won. A day or so later the school officially sent an email with the winners and I let him know that he indeed had won and we were so proud of him.

Now this may not be a big deal, but for me it is. Yes because I am his mother, but more so because I suffered from stage fright for the longest time and my husband was painfully shy as a kid. Both of us were keen on our kids being different, and encouraged participation like this. We also opted for speech and drama as an optional activity for Ronav in school for the same reason.

Parents live their lives through their kids - what we couldn't do as kids due to anxiety, we want our kids to excel in that. 

Here is the poem he recited.

If I Was A Super Hero
~ Sally Gray

If I were a superhero
I’d definitely fly
Arms outstretched, racing birds in the sky.

If I were a superhero
I’d have special powers
Like extra strong legs for jumping across towers.

If I were a superhero I’d save all the oceans
With my secret and magical clearing up potions.

If I were a superhero
I’d save all the trees
And the mountains and rivers, the birds and the bees.

If I were a superhero,
I’d help all the poor
Give them food and make them hungry no more.

If I were a superhero,
I’m sure you’ll agree
The world would be better because of me!

This is a part of MY #100happydays challenge - a way to remind myself to pause and find happiness in the little things in life and to live in the moment. To be grateful for all that I have, every single day. Hopefully you will join me in this journey of self discovery and find your own happiness along the way.


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