Being Happy Never Goes Out Of Style - The End Of My #100happydays Project

When I took up the #100happydays challenge in May this year, I jumped into it with both feet not knowing which way I was headed. Honestly, I expected to give up after a couple of days and certainly did not expect to go beyond the pledged 100 days. But once done with the 100 days (118 in all!), I decided to go on with it, mainly because I enjoyed writing every single day. But as it always happens, life took over and the kids fell sick one after the other and then again, and it got too overwhelming for me to keep it going. My #100happydays challenge came to it's end naturally, ten days ago, and yes I have thoroughly missed it. I was hoping to go around the sun one time with this challenge. But like they say, all good things comes to an end and so did this.

There have been many ideas brewing that I want to write about and wasn't getting a chance nor the time all this while. For me to be able to put those ideas to paper, #100happydays has to end. A challenge which compelled me to put up my happy picture of the day along with a blog post was read by a few family and friends for last few months and their feedback made it all worthwhile. When one friend messaged me telling me she looked forward to my happiness posts everyday and to keep it going as the magic is contagious, it gave me the push I needed on that day to keep going. So now while I am sad letting go, I am looking forward to taking up new challenges as well as writing about different things now. 

I will hold onto this one for a long time. While one research suggests that it takes 21 days to form a habit, another one suggests it takes 66 days to form a habit. So I hope after 118 days of #100happydays, looking for little things that bring happiness into our lives will come naturally. I have spent a few minutes everyday for the last 10 days after the challenge ended, actually stopping to appreciate the little things, and that little habit has gotten me through tough days. Gratitude comes more naturally to me now and I genuinely hope that it remains that way. 

What I truly have come to understand and learn is that happiness lies within all of us. We just need to slow down in life, remove our blinding glasses and see the happiness waiting to burst out. It is a way of life, I can either complain about everything going wrong in life or I can be grateful for all that I have been blessed with, be happy and attract even more happiness. So this is a choice that I make for myself hoping to rub it off on my family too. I pledge to find happiness in the littlest of things, generally be a more positive human being, see good in everyone around me, be grateful for all that I have been blessed with and continue to dream.


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