Saturday gameplay- #100happydays - Day 115

The excitement has been building up the last 5-6 months and these two kids have been waiting eagerly for 7th September for the release of their Spiderman game on the Playstation 4. So needless to say, the game was bought on the day of release as soon as the shop opened in the morning and they have been at it since then. We now have a spidey at home jumping from window rails and sofas. Anything and everything is converted into Spiderman accessories to web people. And to add to the noise and drama, the littlest kid, the copycat that she is, has also proclaimed her undying love for Spiderman now. When given a chance she's got the remote in hand has taken some mean shots at the bad guys much to the delight of her brother and dadda. 

But I have to concede that the graphics of this game are simply mind blowing. We spent the first half of the day not actually playing the game, but walking around all of NewYork City, seeing the sights and climbing up the Empire State Building to see the panoramic view of the city. We strolled through Central Park and remembered our trips to the City. 

I remember our times playing the atari and nintendo as kids. Gaming has come a long way since then and its amazing to see little kids manage to complete games with difficult challenges. Now we wait to see how long it takes for them to complete this game and move onto the next.

This is a part of MY #100happydays challenge - a way to remind myself to pause and find happiness in the little things in life and to live in the moment. To be grateful for all that I have, every single day. Hopefully you will join me in this journey of self discovery and find your own happiness along the way.


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