Thank you kind stranger- #100happydays - Day 118

Every now and then things happen that restore my faith in humanity. Every woman knows how stressful multitasking can actually be, especially while grocery shopping when we are unsuccessfully trying to stick to a list, balancing our phones, bottomless purses and the grocery cart. Today I found myself in a situation like that and managed to leave my fully loaded wallet at a sugarcane cart outside the grocery store while trying to manage 3 bags. By God's grace I realised that my wallet was missing before I left as I couldn't find it in my purse to pay for even more purchases. Tracing back my steps I remembered having kept it at the sugarcane cart while paying him for a glass. The kind man that he is, he kept my wallet safe at the security hoping I would come back to claim it. Not a thing inside was touched and I am so very grateful to them. I can only imagine what I'd have to go through with multiple credit cards, debit cards, license etc which would have to be blocked and reissued and not to mention the cash that I had on me.

All day today I have sent a silent prayer of gratitude to God and the kind sugarcane man and the security guard for keeping my wallet safe. For some reason I find it difficult to believe that there are people who will be so honest. With so much negativity around us in the world today, even a little act of positivity like this can be a breath of fresh air! Then I wonder why I am losing faith in people? Why is it so difficult to believe that my wallet wasn't stolen? Why am I being so skeptical? I think we have in a way been conditioned to see the worst in people. Trust is something that doesn't come easy to our generation. Is it the fear of being let down that makes us surround ourselves with a non trusting shield? I for one want to try to change the way I feel, no matter how hard!

This is a part of MY #100happydays challenge - a way to remind myself to pause and find happiness in the little things in life and to live in the moment. To be grateful for all that I have, every single day. Hopefully you will join me in this journey of self discovery and find your own happiness along the way.


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