99 Things I Love - Reflections

In May this year I started the #100happydays challenge where I put up a picture of what made me happy, everyday for 100 days straight (I got to 118). This little exercise taught me gratitude and how to find happiness in the little things in everyday life.

Today I'd like to try a different exercise where I reflect upon the 99 things that I love. I’m hoping this helps me dig below the surface and recognize things I'm probably not even consciously aware of, about myself. While I sit down to ponder about what's really important to me in life and what brings me joy, I realise it’s the littlest of things, the ones that are  usually taken for granted and so easily disregarded. So here's my gratitude list (in a way), in no particular order. 

  1. My first cup of coffee in the morning ( preferably before the kids are awake)
  2. Our home, messy at times and usually chaotic, but I still love it 
  3. My daughter's wild spirit
  4. My bespectacled son's goofy grins
  5. The sound of my husband laughing with wild abandon (one of the things I fell in love with early on)
  6. Sweet memories of my dad that linger on everyday
  7. Those morning calls to my mom while driving to work
  8. Being a dentist and playing a small role in taking away people’s pain (toothache that is)
  9. My Kindle and my books - reading them and smelling them (books in any form)
  10. My blog - More Than Words, it has changed my life in so many ways and continues to give me a sense of being 
  11. Trying different flavours of Green Tea ( chamomile still remains a favourite)
  12. The smell of Vanilla 
  13. Breads in all shapes and sizes and the smell of freshly baked bread
  14. Cinnamon - be it sprinkled over my hot chocolate or in bread, love it in all forms (vanilla + cinnamon = ❤️)
  15. The smell of wet mud after the first rains
  16. Beautiful memories brought back by some old songs on the radio
  17. Pizzas and movie nights at home
  18. Hot chocolate late at night
  19. Road trips especially in the rains
  20. Romantic english movies (all Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks movies)
  21. Medical dramas (Grey's Anatomy)
  22. Stationery in all forms and sizes (pens, notebooks, pencils, colours)
  23. My laptop, my cell phone and my watch....all in sync with one another and me, thanks to Apple (and my husband! Can’t deny him that)
  24. Date nights (as rare and far in between they may be, we end up with breakfast dates more often)
  25. When both kids are asleep early
  26. Reading late into the night to complete just one more chapter........
  27. The window seat in an airplane (that right has been taken away from me now forever, unless we can book 3!) 
  28. Planning the itinerary for our next family trip (the lists, research and excitement is unmatched)
  29. The kiddie artwork that goes up on my fridge (one proud mama here)
  30. Connecting with people I never thought possible on social media (like my favourite author or actor)
  31. Organizing 100s of boards on Pinterest (and dreaming of the 1000s of things to do)
  32. Doodles and Zentangles
  33. Making rangolis and lighting diyas for Diwali
  34. Decorating the Christmas tree while listening to Christmasy tunes
  35. The Gauri - Ganpati festival we celebrate each year with family and friends
  36. Dressing up
  37. Researching for blog articles (yes it is! Seems like I love researching)
  38. Birthdays
  39. 'Me' time (keep me sane!)
  40. New haircuts (a feeling of high every single time)
  41. Red Wine (my guilty pleasure)
  42. Making my patients smile....in more than one ways
  43. Freshly laundered sheets
  44. Sleeping on white sheets and white pillows 
  45. Hotels and their rooms and their toiletries and especially their soft cozy beds
  46. Switzerland, my first and forever favourite place
  47. Saying NO and being ok about it (this needed work, but now I treat NO as a sentence)
  48. Brunches (lingering over them for hours which is a luxury at this point in life)
  49. Being a kid with my kids in play areas
  50. Swimming (Any time any day, we are water babies)
  51. My one good fitting pair of jeans amongst the dozen others that I own (ones that don’t fit but like every other mom, I’m holding onto hope that someday....one day.....)
  52. Weekend snuggles in bed with the kids (the sleepy eyes and smelly breaths notwithstanding)
  53. Surprises (I have a love - hate relationship with this one)
  54. Pedicures (oh the feel of freshly painted nails)
  55. Perfumes (can’t live without them)
  56. Watching plays and musicals (absolutely love doing this)
  57. DIY projects
  58. Jumping on the trampoline
  59. Singing out loud with my daughter
  60. Wind chimes and dream catchers
  61. The sound of church bells ringing
  62. Making lists of all types and sizes
  63. Planning - trips, holidays, occasions, dinners, outings.......
  64. Thank you cards or gifts from my patients
  65. Poetry
  66. Instagram (current obsession)
  67. Challenges (especially blogging and reading challenges)
  68. Foot massages (I could go on forever)
  69. Window shopping
  70. Forest Essentials - My favourite luxurious Ayurvedic brand for skin and hair products
  71. My mom's hand cooked meals (still feels like home)
  72. Old photographs (and the hours spent reminiscing over them)
  73. Khow Suey (I wish I'd discovered it sooner)
  74. The perfect sunny side up (My favorite breakfast)
  75. Online shopping (so much easier and of course the deals!)
  76. Appreciative feedbacks on things I have written
  77. Buddhas and Buddhism teachings (it brings me a lot of serenity just looking at Buddha and reading about his teachings)
  78. The sound of the kids playing the piano at home (especially when they do it without being told)
  79. The peace and serenity I get in the Gurudwara
  80. Fully charged electronics (OCD?)
  81. Tangy and spicy toothpastes and the after taste they leave behind
  82. Aromatherapy body washes from Bath & Bodyworks (and long hot showers with them!)
  83. Creating my travel journals (so glad I started this)
  84. Libraries 
  85. Chocolate cake
  86. Naps (if I’d only listened to my mom when I was younger!)
  87. Seeing my favourite artists perform live (only Bryan Adams and Norah Jones so far, definitely not enough)
  88. Pyjamas (can we love in them already?)
  89. When my finger nails grow long enough to paint (this is a constant struggle as I still bite my nails)
  90. That hot cup of tea my mom makes, that makes all the fatigue and worries melt away
  91. Games we play in the bed with the kids just before falling off to sleep
  92. That midnight snack of maggie made by my husband without bothering about my weight gain
  93. The British accent (never gets old)
  94. Vivid, happy and colourful dreams (especially when they leave behind a happy walking on clouds feeling all day)
  95. Premonitions or freaky coincidences (depends on what you believe in, I believe in premonitions)
  96. Scented candles and incense sticks (Stickler for good smells)
  97. Snow globes (I’m not sure how this came about but they are so peaceful to gaze at)
  98. Getting wet in the rain (continues to bring as much joy if not more, like when I was a kid)
  99. Meeting a kindred spirit 
Wow, despite my initial reservations, this was not very difficult and I know if I give it some more thought there are many more things I can add to the list. 

I would be thrilled to know if we share common things we love and also your list of things you love! 


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