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Love Anthony by Lisa Genova - Book Review

Olivia Donatelli's dream of a "normal" life shattered when her son, Anthony, was diagnosed with autism at age three. He didn't speak. He hated to be touched. He almost never made eye contact. And just as Olivia was starting to understand that happiness and autism could coexist, Anthony was gone.
Now she's alone on Nantucket, desperate to find meaning in her son's short life, when a chance encounter with another woman brings Anthony alive again in the most unexpected way. In this insightful story about autism and love, Lisa Genova offers us the extraordinary voice of a nonverbal boy with autism, a voice that guides two women to discover the universal truth that connects us all.
Love Anthony takes place on Nantucket Island, which remains a tourist hub during the warmer months and empty - except for the locals - during the cold winter months.
Olivia, who has just lost her 8 year old autistic son, Anthony, has moved to Nantucket after separating from her husba…

A Milestone Along Our Path Together - Happy 10th!

Looking back, ours has been nothing less than a Bollywood story with all the spicy masala. A typical saga of boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl, boy woos girl and then the whole family drama that follows. Throw into this the long distance, a break up and right there you have yourself a blockbuster.

Life has shown me today, that people come into our lives for a reason. It could be to get us through a difficult time, to help us meet other people or to teach us a lesson or two. But there is always a reason. It took me a long time to realise this and this is how I met my husband....Arun.
My best friend at dental school introduced us. What came as a surprise was that I had been travelling in the same bus and train as him for about 2 years and we had seen one another almost everyday though we had never spoken. Then I stopped travelling by train and forgot all about him. But as fate would have it, in my final year of dental school very casually my friend introduced us saying "…